Working with a Personal Injury Solicitor During COVID

Working with a Personal Injury Solicitor During COVID


Today, we live in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the vaccine is pending, people worldwide are losing their lives, which affects the financial situation.

However, after each pandemic, the world entered a crisis, which we should know about.

What can we do about the personal injury claims, and how the pandemic will affect them altogether?

In the further article, we will answer a few questions that will provide you peace of mind when dealing with personal injury claims during COVID.

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What does Will happen With Your PI Claims?

Even though the pandemic is underway and is still not going anywhere, it is essential to avoid delaying personal injury or accident claims due to COVID-19. Remember that cases are still on their way, which means that you will have a limited time after an accident to conduct it properly.

Of course, since we are in lockdown, you may need to be more patient, and the claim will take longer to process than in everyday situations. However, people can still file lawsuits and other claims, especially after a particular injury.

It means that if you wish to file a claim, you will not lose your right to get proper compensation and take legal action, among other things. Even before the outbreak, people avoided using attorneys or solicitors due to the inability to pay them.

However, that is the worst mistake you can make, especially if you have in mind that most PI lawyers tend to work on a contingency fee. It means that you will pay them only after you recover compensation, which you need to understand.

Even though the COVID-19 affects everyone, you can still expect that insurance companies will fight back against your injury case, which means that you will need proper guidance.

In some cases, they will fight even more challenging now than before because the world’s financial situation is changing. In case you neglect to find a proper solicitor, you will get the least amount than the one you wanted in the first place.

Even though people are struggling financially and personally, that is the main reason you should get everything you deserve. Another important consideration is that your legal assistant will get money only if they win the case, which means you will also get it.

The entire world is in fear due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, but generally, you should pursue the PI case with the same tenacity as before.

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How Can Coronavirus Affect Your PI Claim?


We can all agree that the pandemic affects every aspect of our lives, which is why you probably think that your PI case will not make a difference.

In the same way as you, insurance companies and personal injury lawyers had to adopt new strategies and behaviors. However, these changes will not affect your claims in case something happens along the way.

Keep in mind that pandemic may affect your cases in some aspects such as:

  • Court delays
  • Inconvenient and unavailable medical treatment
  • Loss of job or income
  • Increased pressure to settle the case
  • Remote interaction with your legal representative

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, the economic downturn is affecting insurance companies as well. They are becoming more aggressive when it comes to handling PI claims, which is why you need relevant representation to help you fight for your rights.

The solicitor will pressure the insurance companies by using relevant evidence and other factors to pay you everything you desire. That is the main reason why you need to conduct a consultation with the PI solicitor before speaking with the insurance company representatives.

Simultaneously, the court delays, closures, reduced hours, and procedural changes will affect the overall case, but if you remain patient, you will get everything you wanted.

Delayed Hearings and Trials

Countries worldwide are implementing ways that allow them to postpone the particular trials that are not relevant. Even though most PI claims tend to avoid the court, you should know that the delays would affect your case if your situation is prevailing.

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Everything depends on the area you live in, which means that some local districts can decide whether you can handle other court appearances, hearings, and trials. On the other hand, some of them tend to function virtually due to the prevailing situation in the world.

That is why you need to prepare yourself for the battle and fight until you get what you want.

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