What Kind of Personality a DUI Lawyer like Albert Sardella Must Have?

What Kind of Personality a DUI Lawyer like Albert Sardella Must Have?

When you did something wrong, then you need protection. Everyone deserves to have a person by their side that will protect their interests. It’s entirely normal, we all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a fair trial and someone to do everything in their power to get us out of the worst punishment possible.

When you get caught DUI or driving under influence, you need a lawyer to handle the problem. You can’t just walk into court and face the judge on your own. It’s a complex process, which is why there are professional attorneys who know how to talk to the official representatives of the state law. Learn more about DUI cases here.

Finding the right one when you’re in such a situation is not at all easy. You need to dive deep into research and make sure that the information you’re getting is perfect. There are tons of attorneys out there, but how will you know if someone’s great or not.

In this article, we’re going to show you the qualities of a great lawyer. We will explain what a great lawyer is and how to find it. We’ll tell you what kind of personality is needed, so you know if you’re choosing the perfect person for the job, and the perfect lawyer to represent you in front of the court. Keep on reading to see more about this subject.

Be professional

The first thing that every lawyer must have as quality is to be highly professional. A lawyer can’t afford to have any other relationship with their clients but professional. It doesn’t matter if the two of them already know each other, because friendship is one thing, and business is another.

Chances are that you’re not friends with the person you’re choosing to be your DUI attorney. That’s why you must look for a professional relationship from the start. You don’t want someone who’s going to be late, call you to cancel the meeting after you already left your home or stuff like that.

The person representing you must be professional. If they do these things to you as their client, just imagine how much irresponsible they’ll be when they get to court. It’s crucial to have someone completely in line with the job responsibilities.

Wise and experienced

Lawyers gain their success only through experience and hard work. It doesn’t matter who had the higher grades in school when it comes to winning a case in court; experience and wisdom are the qualities that are going to bring the win.

That’s why you should look for someone who has proven to know what is doing and someone that has a lot of experience behind them. The bare minimum that you should accept is five years, but the more they have behind them, the better for you as a client.

When it comes to Albert C Sardella, the lawyer we mentioned in the title, you should know that he has ten years of experience, making him perfect for the job. That’s what you should be looking for – someone who has already been through everything and will easily find a way out of various situations.


Of course, they need to be friendly too. You don’t want someone who seems like they are only there to punch the clock, do their job, and charge for their services. When you’re in need, you need a friend, someone who will take care of you in all possible ways.

If you got caught by the police and charged with DUI, you’re probably scared and confused. You want someone who will cheer you up, motivate you, and explain that everything’s going to be alright. You don’t want a silent person who fills the papers and leave you hanging.



Finally, loyalty. Many people complain about their lawyers not being loyal and easily switch sides. This is unacceptable. Before you hire anyone, look at their names on the internet and see if they have a history of manipulations. See this amazing doc for lawyers’ loyalty here: https://scholarship.law.wm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1891&context=wmlr.

If they don’t then that means they are loyal and a good fit for your needs. You should only work with someone who only represents your interests.

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