Private Investigators with Affordable Cost in German

Private Investigators with Affordable Cost in German

You have to understand that hiring a private investigator to help you with your problem is not going to be cheap. That is because they have to do all of the things and gather a lot of information needed to help you solve your private problems. That is why the cost of this kind of service is not going to be cheap. However, if you have a limited budget and you really need the help of the detektive for Stuttgart, then you can call LB Detektive. They are one of those professional detective agencies that will not cost you a lot of money in gathering the information to help you with your private matter.

For your information, the overall cost that you need to pay from them is not something cheap. Yet, they are quite affordable because of these things below.


Free Consultation

Most of those agencies will require you to pay for the initial consultation. That is just something common. That means even though you come to their office to talk about your problem, you will be charged with a certain amount of money. The number is not big. Yet, that is still the money that you need to spend on the initial consultation. Fortunately, LB Detektive is not that kind of agency. You can come to their office and consult your problem for hours without being charged. If they think that the investigation is needed, they will start talking about the cost of further investigation. However, if they think that no investigation is needed, you can leave the office without paying even a penny.

Fixed Rate

This is something that you will love because you can easily ask them about the fixed rate that they offer. As an addition to that, this is something that is applied in the whole German. So, as long as the problem can be solved within the area of German, you will not need to pay for the other extras. The rate is similar. This is quite different from some other detective agencies that will charge you for more money if they have to move to some different cities in German. That is why this is something that will help you to reduce the cost to hire them as your private investigator.

No Basic Fee

Almost all of those private investigators will tell you the basic fees that you need to pay. However, LB Detektive is a bit different. You will not be given the basic fees because there is no basic fee. Yes, this way, you can save more money from the cost of hiring private investigators. If you are curious about the cost that you need to pay for their service, you can easily ask them about the overall cost. They will be glad to help you with the price estimation. If you think the price is a bit high, you can leave them. If you are okay with the price, they will start the investigation immediately. This is the agreement that you need to sign on the initial consultation, which is free. So, you can be sure that this agency will help you to save a bit of your money for hiring the private investigator.

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