Marriage and Divorce: A Confused Story?

Marriage and Divorce: A Confused Story?

Of late, it has become a very common phenomenon among urban Indian women in their 20s to say that they do not want to get married or that they consider it to be too early a time for marriage. Instead, they can often be heard claiming that they want to pursue higher education or focus on their career, or just explore diverse opportunities in life.

This is not just true for girls or people from metropolitan areas. Young people from cities all over India are confused when it comes to making decisions related to their matrimonial life. This is applying equally for both, marriage and divorce.

For example, a married woman in Patna might be of the opinion that the best divorce lawyers in Patna might be too expensive and so she doesn’t want to take the risk of going through the rigorous divorce proceedings. This blog aims to analyses the confusion that surrounds today’s generation with respect to marriage and its related aspects.


People’s perspectives have undergone a revolutionary change and they tend to take the matters related to their married life quite lightly. With the predominance of the live-in system of relationships, marriages have for sure seen a decline, especially in cosmopolitan cities.

Those who are already married are unsure whether to opt for divorce or not. If there are children involved, there could be concerns regarding their well-being and the impact of divorce on their lives. Other complexities may involve situations like one party desires the divorce, but the other party is not willing to consent to the same for a diverse variety of reasons.

In fact, there are a lot of married women in India, who are even today, victims of domestic abuse and are humiliated on a frequent basis, still, they choose not to get a divorce, either because other alternatives for financial security and stability or for the sake of their families, if not children.

Other apprehensions, apart from the personal suspicions of the parties, include surrounding doubts about the administrative, legal and technical hurdles. People, more often than not, avoid having to go to the court until it becomes a matter of utmost necessity. One might think that a divorce proceeding might be time-consuming, burdensome, expensive and at the end, there is no guarantee to reach an amicable solution.

However, one has to understand that varies on a case to case basis and the outcome of any judicial proceeding is very subjective. It all depends on their unique fact scenario, the arguments advanced by their respective counsels, the kind of evidence adduced by them etc. and history has been witnessing to the fact, even those cases for which it was initially believed that they lacked any scope or potential, have been won on the basis of intelligent arguments.

It is necessary for parties to realize that, more often than not, the apprehension, doubts, and confusion surrounding a decision to either get married or get divorced are exaggerated and unfounded and that it is important for them to take an informed choice after weighing all the options and deciding what is best for their particular case.

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