Law behind Getting Back Your Money for a Canceled Cruise

Law behind Getting Back Your Money for a Canceled Cruise

Worldwide, cruise lines stopped sailing the 13th of March due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. On the 9th of April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended their activities no-sail order for cruise ships in the United States, with no confirmed firm return date. Now companies like Disney and Carnival are forced to cancel a lot of trips, and the implication of this is that passengers will get full refunds for their trip’s price.

Just like anywhere in the world, there have been a lot of canceled cruise trips in Norway. But it seems some individuals are not duly informed about their rights towards getting back their money for canceled tours. There are some policies and laws that guide the canceling of cruise trips. A Danish company, DFDS Seaways, which is one of the top cruise companies in the world, offers extra benefits and rewards during any canceled cruise. Most of the other companies are implementing this, as well.

When your cruise operator expects a cancelation of your departure, the operator will make sure to contact you as soon as possible. Whether this is on travel day, you will be informed of your scheduled departure time no later than 30 minutes after.

So, if you don’t know your right concerning getting refunded back for canceled trips, check the below. Check for more guide on by comparing reviews of different people from various locations.

Meals and Refreshments

When you cancel your cruise, you will still get the usual free snacks, meals, and refreshments while you wait. However, the food to be given to you can be affected by a variety of factors. Your cruise operator might not be capable of offering you refreshments depending on reasons such as the time of the day that you cancel your trip, the terminal’s proximity to the local amenities, and for some other reasons.


The Department of Transportation recommends that initially, with a snack or light meal, suitable refreshments for any delay of more than 4 hours will be water or tea. If the postponement reaches eight hours, they will have a hot meal.

Re-Routing Or Reimbursement

Your cruise operator will give the option of an alternative or a refund when your trip is canceled.


If your trip was canceled and it requires you to stay overnight, your cruise operator will give you accommodation free of charge, if it is possible. It is also open for the cruise operator to look at other choices, such as telling you to go home or make your plans and offer to refund your expenses. Over a maximum of three nights, the cruise operator may restrict the cost of accommodation to €80 (about £66) per night per passenger.

However, no overnight accommodation should be provided, or costs reimbursed if the cancelation is induced by weather conditions that threaten the ship’s safe service.


You have no right to set remuneration numbers. Your insurance rights are provided for under the Package Travel Regulations. Compensation will not be available if, due to extraordinary circumstances or an unexpected occurrence, the provider cannot offer the services.

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