How To Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy?

How To Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy?

Safe period calculator

Sex provides a natural pleasure. And it may result in pregnancy. In Indian families we think that children are 2nd name of god and everyone wants to choose good Hindu Baby boy names for their children. However, not all sexually active adults would want a baby. As with the growth of technology, there are many ways to avoid pregnancy but if you calculate your safe sex period then you need to take help from any other technique to avoid pregnancy.

How to calculate the days of security period?

Safe period calculator is using to know which period will safe for doing the sex so you can avoid the pregnancy. The safety period for doing sex and avoid pregnancy is considered from the first week and last week of the periods, during which you can have sex without fear of getting pregnant.

To know more about a safe period, it is just that you have knowledge about the different stages of the menstrual cycle so that you can easily avoid pregnancy.

Stages of the menstrual cycle:

The duration of the three stages of the menstrual cycle differs from one woman to another and from one cycle to another, but the average duration would be 28 days.

1.       The pre-ovulatory or follicular phase:

This occurs between days 2 and 14. During this period the hormones get thicken the uterine inside layer also get ready to take delivery of the fertilized egg.

2.       The ovulation phase:

This is 2nd phase of the menstrual cycle and occurs in the middle of a menstrual cycle. During these period chances to get pregnant is very high as during this time ovarian follicle opens to release an egg for fertilization. So, if you want to avoid pregnancy then take precaution at the time of sex during this period.

3.       The post-ovulatory phase:

This is the last phase among the 3 phase of women menstrual cycle, which starts once the pregnancy gets a start. In this last phase of the menstrual cycle, the uterine lining becomes thicker and prepares for pregnancy.

Therefore, there is a strong possibility of conceiving if you have unprotected sex five days before ovulation time. The egg stays alive for only 24 hours, and if fertilization does not occur within this time, it will die.

Various methods to calculate the period of security to have sex:

You must be careful when calculating the safety period because doing so on the fingers or in the air can give erroneous results. Remember that you should avoid sex or use condoms, a cape, a diaphragm or any other method of contraception during dangerous days.

Use these proven online calculation methods to know your days safely:

The safe period calculator requires that you know your changes in the menstrual cycle so that you can determine the safe days for having sex. Know the safety period by entering the first day of your last period and the duration of your last menstrual cycle. So now it becomes easy for you to find out which period is safe for you to do safe side sex.

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