Glossary Of Legal Terms Beginning With Letter C

Glossary Of Legal Terms Beginning With Letter C

Legal Terms
A particular situation the courtroom imposes that requires a person to remain at house except for sure permitted actions paying homage to work and medical appointments. Residence confinement may embody utilizing digital monitoring equipment – a transmitter hooked up to the wrist or the ankle – to assist make certain that the particular particular person stays at house as required.

damages: Monetary compensation or indemnity for improper or injury introduced on by the violation of a legal correct. 1. Compensatory damages – Reimbursement for precise loss or hurt. 2. Exemplary damages – Monetary award by way of punishment for harm brought on by aggravated circumstances or malice, along with compensation for the damage. three. Punitive damages – Monetary compensation awarded in additional of strange damages, as punishment for a gross unsuitable.

Judgment Nonetheless the Verdict – Judgment entered by order of the courtroom for one social gathering however the jury’s verdict in favor of the opposite celebration. A judgment notwithstanding the decision might solely arise after a motion for a directed verdict.

Customary of Care. 475. Set-off. NO excuses. Where does it go then?

probation – In fashionable felony administration,permitting a person convicted of some minor offense (particularly juvenile offenders) to go at giant,beneath a suspension of sentence,throughout good conduct,and usually below the supervision or guardianship of a probation officer.

To impeach a witness is to introduce proof meant to contradict testimony or to query his creditability. truthful preponderance: Stage of proof in a civil movement; more than half; extra convincing. Warrant in Distress – A sort used often district courtroom docket to say a declare to property held by one other, as satisfaction of a debt or in lieu of efficiency of an obligation.

See also ASSIST ORDER. So why did I give up?

The primary questioning of witnesses by the celebration on whose behalf they’re referred to as. My husband has a buddy whos a fifty one yr earlier, going to die alone, life lengthy boastful, selfish, humiliates everyone any means he presumably can and tries to make it look as if hes joking. He isnt joking IN ANY RESPECT, NEITHER IS HE HUMOROUS.

We value your privateness and might by no means share your number with any third events. One amongst our experienced program managers will get in contact to be sure to get the personalized knowledge you want, and to answer any questions you will have. TENEMENT – Property that would presumably be topic to tenure beneath English land law; normally land, buildings or flats. The word is not used lately except to consult with dominant or servient tenements when qualifying easements.


An individual who’s legally accepted to administer oaths and confirm that somebody has accomplished an affidavit under oath. The time interval applies to all such killings, legal and non-felony. Domicile – The permanent residence of a person; a spot to which, even when he or she have been brief-time period absence, they intend to return.

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