5 Things Tourists Should Never Do When on a Vacation in the USA

5 Things Tourists Should Never Do When on a Vacation in the USA

America is a country with over 300 million people. There are things you mustn’t dare do when in this country as seen from the opinions on Collected.Reviews.

This is because the USA is another society entirely – perhaps, more different and unique from where you are from. And this isn’t a matter of sentiments of white superiority; it’s all about the gigantic size of the country.

There are different cultures in the world. One of the thrills of vacations is to experience the culture of other people and probably adopt the beautiful part of it. There are however diverse cultures in the USA. This is why you must consider customer feedback to know how to comport yourself when you’re in the US.

You can apply the following tips as a guide to how you should behave in the US.

1. Don’t Creep on Women:

This should be the number one rule. Americans respect everyone, and women just as much. Don’t try to flirt with women who don’t even want to talk to you. You can however meet women if you think they are comfortable talking with you. Don’t try to impose. Don’t try to corner them or make them feel unsafe. If you try any of this and they find an escape, you can be reported. This isn’t the best way to start your vacation.

2. Respect People’s Personal Space:

If you make people uncomfortable, you could be reported. In the USA, if you play your music too loud that it disturbs the whole environment, the police could be the next person banging on your door. You must avoid every action that looks like a confrontation. Every interaction you have must also be void of any insinuations aside from the most apparent, especially when you’re dealing with strangers. This is why it is always fair to keep your eyes to yourself in restrooms, and when there is no need to talk, don’t talk.

3. Avoid Terrorist Jokes:

Don’t make a joke about terrorism. 9/11 is still an event that is fresh in the memories of Americans of all generations. If you make jokes about it, you may either be attacked or arrested.

4. Don’t Try to Tip a Waiter or a Waitress, and Don’t Call Their Attention with a Clap:

Some may call this a local attitude. It is sometimes considered rude. Every waiter or waitress will attend to you. Summoning them with a clap is an unnatural way of regarding them in the USA. You don’t also need to tip them. If you want to, you can, but it depends on the restaurant you visit. It’s a regulation in some places that tipping isn’t allowed.

5. Avoid Making Unnecessary Physical Contact:

Not all Americans like to be touched. If you don’t know people personally, just shake their hands. You take it to the extreme when you’re trying to hug or kiss someone you’re unfamiliar with, or someone who isn’t familiar with you. Americans are decent, perhaps, more than you see in movies.

If you maintain these tips, you can enjoy your trip to America and leave without having issues with law enforcement agents.

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