5 Legal Advice That Everyone in the United States Should Know

5 Legal Advice That Everyone in the United States Should Know

By virtue of being human, everybody has been granted some inalienable rights, they are called natural rights.

On the other hand, there are legal rights. These categories of rights are granted by the government and its enjoyment

This article shal cover some of the advices that everyone should know about. Let’s have a look;


1. Self-Defense and the aftermath of a self-defense

Self defense is a very sensitive topic in law. Everybody has a right to defend themselves or a third-party from another person.

However, just like any other right,some people abuse this right and because of that, there are some conditions it must meet to be termed as an act of self defense.

Under criminal law the burden of always rests on under prosecution.

Meaning that you will bring a self-defense defence but it will always be with the prosecution to prove to court that you did not act in self-defense.

In doing so the prosecution would look at the circumstances of the situation.

Some of the things to keep in mind before bringing a self-defense case are;

You are in a life-threatening situation due to the strikes or ambush made by your attacker.

You should have had some reason to believe that the other party would have otherwise to cause a serious damage to your body.

Apart from the above, having other forms of evidence will greatly help your case. If you were attacked from home having a home CCTV footage of the incident will also help support your self-defense claim.

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Video recordings are strong pieces of evidence that have been submitted and accepted in court when proving actsacts of self-defense.

2. Advice when interacting with police officers

CItizens’ interaction with the police has in the recent past been a hot topic. Lives have been lost in the process and riots have broken out as a result. However, that is not what we are going to talk about.

What should you do when you are  and follow the listed guidelines below when interacting with police;

  • Stay calm
  • Do not resist
  • Answer questions asked
  • Rember your right to remain silent
  • Do NOT lie
  • You may record or take pictures
  • Do not do anything illlegal

3. Use of copyrights

Intellectual property rights are a wide area of law and part of it covers copyrights.

Copyrights are a very important aspect of law especially now when every information can be accessed online.

4. What are copyrights?

What most people think is that they are restricted from using works that have copyrights over them. They are wrong.

Someone with copyrights over something intends to have their work disseminated to a larger audience. Without other people sharing and making copies of your work, an author will not have achieved his primary intention.

The whole point of copyrights is to prevent or prohibit the copying of works without the permission of the author or the owner.

Anybody can use works that have copyrights over them, you are only barred from copying without the permission of the owner.

Anyone can also register copyrights over their works of creation. You must have however meet certain requirements, including showing sufficient degree of originality over your work. That is legally referred to as, novelty.

5. Employment protection.

At this time, many people have lost their jobs, maybe due to redundancy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those still having jobs, they have legal rights. The labor law is intensively wide and the listed rights below are what all employees are legally entitled to;

  • Employers have an obligation to ensure there is a safe working environment for all the employees – Employees may be entitled to claim damages as a result
  • Employees are entitled to a clean and healthy environment
  • Employees should be given prior notice before termination of employment contract

6. Tenants rights

Another important set of rights for all citizens of the United States is tenants’ rights.

Just like employers, landlords in the past have had upper hands in a tenancy relationship. However, the law is there to balance the power between the employers and the employees and landlords and their tenants.

The list below outlines some of the rights tenants have;

  • Right to a peaceful and quite rental space
  • Rights to a safe and secure home
  • The housing should be clean and healthy housing
  • Right to a proper and sufficienct evicition notice.


In case of uncertainty speak to your lawyer for further guidance and consultations.

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